I’m Amrik Singh Dhillon from Giana village, Tehsill- Talwandi (Bathinda). I started farming at a very young age because of my interest. In 2000, I decided to quit my studies and after completing 10th I started farming. My father (Sardar Modan Singh) was also a farmer and we had total 14 acres of land, so I also stated conventional farming. I was also interested in learning repair work of machines from the beginning, so along with farming I started a part time job at a mobile repair shop. But after some time I realized that education till 12th is necessary, because it helps the person to gain confidence. So, I completed my education till 12th from private school.

From childhood, I used to find different, easy and efficient way to do all the work, because of this reason the villagers use to call me “JUGADU”. But in future I used this skill as a beneficial tool for the farmers. While growing up as an adult, my friend and me, made a lot of things for the farmer’s betterment. (Jugadu- a person who finds low-cost solution to any problem in an intelligent way)

I made a device to protect motorcycle from being stolen. By using this device nobody can move the motorcycle even by breaking the lock or by using a fake key, as soon as someone tries to do something, the device gives ring on the phone on the bikes owner. Later I modified this device and used it for protecting transformer from being stolen, and this initiative gave great relief to many farmers.

I also created a device which calls on the phone when electricity is back at the farms. Farmers are appreciating and liking my equipment very much and because of the affordable cost many farmers are also purchasing it for their own use.



8 Acre of Land


Cotton and Wheat


Device which rings at the farmer phone if someone tries to stole his transformer or bike. Device which call the farmer when electricity is back in the area where his farm is situated.

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I don’t make any plans before making any equipment, but equipment are needed according to the requirement, and I am working on it and in future I’ll continue making such tools to meet the need of the common people.


It is believed that the person has to bend down before certain circumstances. But after facing failure, running away from the situation and also running away from life is also not a solution to any issue. My message is for those farmers, who feel defeated and after that wish to commit suicide.


CONTACT Amrik Singh Dhillon

Address: Village- Giana, Tehsil: Talwandi Sabo, Bathinda, Punjab
Phone: +919463935336